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1920's / 1930's trams in N gauge?

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I figured this would be the place to ask, 


I'm wanting to have trams on my n gauge layout and I'd like them to make their way along the prom under their own power. 


Can anyone tell me what my options are for trams in N gauge, is it a case of butchering Oxford die cast and something for the chassis?


I'd love a balloon tram and perhaps a single decker. 



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Fitting a chassis into the Oxford model will be a challenge. It is very narrow between the truck sides and even the small Japanese mechanisms are mostly too wide.


There are a few other options.


Tom Williamson has done resin Blackpool Balloon and Brush cars in N. See his 'Thornton Gate' layout thread.


There is the Matchbox / Typhoo and (assorted copies) diecast tram which is a little oversize for N but is a reasonable representation of a London CC E1.


There have also been several whitemetal kits of varying degrees of quality and accuracy. Most use the old-style Farish DMU motor bogie.



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Bit later, 1950s Blackpool Coronation, these are big cars being 50ft x 8ft wide so a bit easier to motorise than some.




My layout is set in the last days of the LMS (1948 or earlier) so unfortunately the Coronation is a bit too new but will have a gander at the links,



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