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Steam returns to Midsomer Norton 27th/28th Feb & 5th/6th March

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Great news to hear that steam will be returning to the S&D in a few weeks in the form of Roger Hibbert's 0-6-0 Jinty 47406, which is currently a resident at the Great Central Railway.


Full details of the event are yet to be formally released, but it looks like she will be in steam all four days, hauling passenger services made up of a number of Mk1 coaches.


Hopefully the event will be well patronised, and lead to more visiting locomotives gracing the metals of the relaid Somerset and Dorset.





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The press release is as follows:




I hope that you enjoy your latest copy of Between The Lines. As you will be aware, we had hoped to have a Standard Class loco to replicate the last service train that ran over the line late at night on the 5th March 1966. Regrettably no Standards are available to us.  However, the Great Central have come to our rescue with the offer of Jinty 47406. These performed sterling work at Radstock and Midsomer Norton on coal trains and banking duties.  We will now run the Standard re-enactment event on 10th and 11th September (subject to one being available) so look out for more details in due course. We are going to have her in steam on the 4th/5th and the weekend before, 27th/28th February from 10 to 1 and 2 to 4.  This event will cost a considerable sum with transport and steaming fees of around £6,000 alone. Fares will be set at £5 per return trip (regrettably there can be no concessions for Trust members).


No specific mention of the Sentinel being there...but...


Sentinel Completion in Sight

Although there is a lot of cosmetic work yet to undertake, Sentinel 7109 is nearing completion of its full restoration. The whistle can now be 'blown' using compressed air, and as some who were nearby will confirm has been very effectively tested! The steam brake mechanism is in operation, and the mechanical lubricator now pumps oil to the cylinders and elsewhere. After most of a year under cover, massive progress has been achieved and there are exciting times ahead. There remains much paperwork, competence achievement and approval work left to complete, but confidence is definitely rising.

Thanks are due to colleagues on the Avon Valley Railway for acquiring a pair of replica Sentinel Works' plates (still to have the background painted). The very latest progress updates can be found on the blog: http://sentinel7109.blogspot.co.uk. 






John Baxter has just emailed us all to state that Steam will return on March the 5th and 6th and not the 4th and 5th.

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