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eBay - really strange Farish prices

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In the last week, a UK vendor has started posting ads on eBay, in French, Italian, German and English, for Farish trains at an unbelievably and unrealistically high price.


For example, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GRAHAM-FARISH-1809-LANGLEY-SET-GEBAUT-BR-0-6-0-KLASSE-Q1-LOK-33028-MIB-mz-/141896290386?hash=item2109ad9052:g:bv4AAOxyVLNSvzi7


Now, I really don't care how much someone thinks a 30 year old Poole loco is worth, although I doubt GBP200 (or EUR230) is reasonable; what is more intertesting is that this is recent and multi-language for the identical items...and I just wonder why it is happening?


Any thoughts?

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This seller does seem to be very ambitious with the prices he asks and I do wonder how much he actually sells. There are a lot of kitbuilt locos on old Farish chassis advertised, some quite nice, plus a few real "lemons" (IMHO) so maybe there is the odd person willing to pay these prices in the UK, could be he is simply casting the net wider.



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