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The Bridge at Remagen - N Gauge Rhine Crossing in 1944.

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The concept of my layout is pretty simple - recreate the Ludendorff Bridge in n gauge.

The layout is a dumbbell format double track bridge with storage loops at each end. In display format, it measures 7.0M x 0.9M.



This project started back in 2009 and following initial good progress, it stalled in 2011 due to a number of reasons. However earlier this year saw it restart and is progressing well. I'll get some progress photos up shortly.



Cheers, Al.

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Having spent a bit of time browsing round the site, I think I may have posted this in the wrong place. Looks like it should be under the 'Layout' section. Could one of the admin staff relocate it for me. Thanks.


Anyway, back to my layout. This is the bridge I'm recreating....




Only before it fell down...!


Historically, the Remagen bridge was the first bridge across the Rhien captured intake in 1945, allowing Allied forces to gain a foothold into Germany. My layout is set during the 1944-45 period and depicts the early stages of the build up of the bridge defences following the Allied landings.


As I said earlier, construction started back in 2009 with scaled drawing completed and brass acquired. Which soon got cut to length and soldered together.

















This is the stage I'd got to in Jan 2010. Both side frames complete. Next job would be to assemble the rail deck and bring it all together into a single self supporting structure.


I'll post more later.



Cheers, Al.

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Progress was slow in 2010 due to problems finding the right material to build the walkway hand rails out of. I'd originally intended to build the whole thing out of brass. By September I'd finally had to concede to using plastic for the deck and handrails.













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Who does the N-scale French tanks? Somua S-35s, aren't they? That is a very impressive bridge. Adrian

They are S-35s. The one I the photo is by Pendragon Minitures. I've since replaced them with Arrowhead Minitures as they are far superior models (although a lot more expensive).

All military vehicle on the layout are now Arrowhead. I'll post some pics up a bit later



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From late 2010 through to early 2014 progress almost ground to a halt, mainly due to lack of space. However, by that time the bridge had been painted with base colour and rail deck and walk ways completed. However, this gave me the opportunity to work on the rolling stock. Photos below are of the bridge with a rake f flats loaded with a detachment of Hummel artillery guns.










And a few close-up of the Hummell train.




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To bring things up to date, in early 2014 Remagen finally got a new home and things started moving forward.

With new storage units installed layout building pushed forward with construction of the East bank and Erpeler Lay.













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To bring things right up to date, there's been relatively little progress track wise on the layout, but a reasonable amount scenery wise.


I've started sculpting the landscape for the Erpler Ley and got the house by the road under bridge pretty much done.






Also had this little fellow arrive today. After a little bit of work it'll become one of several cameos that will appear on the layout.



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More scenery work this week.I've been pushing on with getting the Erpeler Ley built. I've got the basic structure done. It's slowly drying now. Prototype model would be some 900mm above river level. I've compromised at 600mm as any higher was causing problems.


Much of it will be covered in trees with a section of exposed rock on the right hand side. On top I'm planning a battery of 88mm anti-aircraft guns.





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Hello Al,

very fast progress in your built !!!!

Just a little notice: Keep the cave in the middle of the Ley in mind.




Kind regards



In reality, the cave is a bit too far to the right to appear on the layout, however with a bit of modelers license will got it there. 

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More scenery this weekend. This time part of the bridge defense trench system on the Erpel side. Still some way to go, but I've ran out of materials to go any further for now.




This is it in approximate location. Once finished, the trenches will be sunk into the to provide a view over the railway line at the approach to the bridge from Remagen.



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Finally managed to get back to Remagen this weekend. Pushed on with getting the farm house that sits on the west bank beside the bridge. Basis structure along with most of the cladding is done. Still need the roof adding.






And this is how it looking in position on the layout.



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Long over due update.


The one job I had lined up for the Christmas break was to get the western tower clad. Unfortunately as with all plans, that came to nothing. However in the new year I did manage to get a few hours on it and got it about 75% complete. It still needs a bit of filling, trimming and sanding down. Then detail to add.




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