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Class 101 motor whine

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Hello gents,


Looking for some advice from anyone who had any of the last run of 101s. I had delivered 371-510 which is the br blue 3 car set.


Took it out carefully as you do and proceeded to pop it down on the track for the run in period. Soon as I applied power it quite honestly sounded like a electric hair clipper in volume coming from the motor/motor bogie.


It did sound like it was from the gears and it would do the sound from slow to half way on a Bachmann controller. Higher speed it was like the usual farish motors, louder but smooth sounding. But back to halfway and it would grind again. Ironically it sounds fine in reverse but going forward it goes into the really loud grinding.


I have took the body shell off to check inside but nothing seems out of order and the bogies don't seem restrained and wheels seem to move freely as well. No heat was building up either but oddly coming back 2 hours later and it's gone abit quieter in both directions.


Is it common for them to be as noisy and Grindy straight out of box? I did add abit of oil to the exposed gears as I noticed these were made back in 2010, so it would have been probably 5 years now in storage.


Where I bought has 3 left so I can get a replacement, but anyone think it's just something minor instead?


Also does the powered bogie pop out like other farish diesels so I can see the gears or is it a hefty dismantle job and just worth taking back?



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Sounds like the lubricating oil has dried out during storage
This is one of the risks where you do not run a model at least once every six months

As the model is out of warranty it is now all about your level of repair experience

I have a circle of track I use for this, laid on newspaper
Personally, I would apply excess amounts of lubricating oil and run the model (motor car only) at 3/4 speed in one direction for about 10 minutes, then 10 minutes in the opposite direction
Check to see how much lubricating oil was distributed and clean the bogies
Now repeat the above at 1/4 speed, and compare

If the model is still noisy then the drive shaft mechanism is probably at fault

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Thanks for your reply, I'll have a look over it abit later on today and see if I can get to the bottom of it. I can return 101 to the shop as they have a 2week return no quibbles policy if there is a issue with any purhase from them and the 101 was brand new from them but had been sat in storage with the others they have in stock so alteast their is a replacement at the end of the day.

It was going on the cheap as they were clearing the stock for the new ones due in a few months hence why I've just got one now. I'll see if I can get it to work abit better if not I'll return it to the shop on Sat.

Edit: Done abit of lubricating and running as mentioned above but no dice, still sounds like a barber's razor so the shop has asked me to return it to them after I let them hear it over the phone. They have put another aside so I've got a replacement and will run that infront of me, if thats a duff then the other 2 left in stock will get checked aswell..if those are the same well there is a 108 in blue to.

Fingers crossed I get a good'en on Sat.

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