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1st Bangor MRC Show May 2016

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First Bangor MRC May Show ran Fri/Sat and was spread across 4 Halls.


I was really taken with the Ulster MRC who showed a layout based on Lisburn Station.  Today they ran only 'Irish' Stock and included were 3 Class 80's and an MED Set built and painted by a sign-writer back in the 70's and were donated to the club by his widow.







Note the numbers on the roof (so the train could be identified from the air)






MED No.11











Antony's Octavia Hill showing a vision in blue.




William Redpath's 'Moria Station'








BCDR represented.




A poor shot for some 6 wheeled coaches.



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Hi Kieran,


Thanks for the nice words about our Lisburn layout and the great pictures.  One minor correction - the Class 80's and the MED unit, along with another couple of odds and ends were "made available" to the Club for a consideration as the owner's widow wanted to dispose of his model railway stuff and asked the Club to help with this.  Several sales resulted and the lady was content with the outcome.  The stock acquired by the Club features hand-painted livery, lining and numbering and is a good example of what could be achieved by a competent modeller in the 1980's.  The mechanisms are from the same era and it is planned to replace these when the Club finds suitable "donors".  As they say, watch this space!!!





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