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Richard Hall

Chinese motor test

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Many thanks for the ebay info. 10x for £1.20 each now winging their way to UK.


I think I will get some too. However, I think the square profile is a problem as it cannot sit between the wheels of a 2mm loco, whereas you can bed a cylinder motor lower in the body. Same argument also applies at the top to an extent.



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I finally did something with one of the square Minibea motors, stuffed it into a Farish J39 tender drive unit.  This particular tender drive has never worked especially well - all those badly moulded gears on sloppy bearings trying to fight each other - and this is its fourth motor.  I'm actually impressed.  It is a lovely sweet, smooth, controllable motor, and almost has enough low speed torque to overcome the geartrain issues. Much better than the Mashima 1015 that used to be in it.  Almost but not quite, it still hesitates at crawling speeds.  But I think I will order a few more while they are still around, that square shape is ideally suited to tender mounting.



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These may be of interest to some even though they are low voltage.

Faulhaber 8mm x 16mm servo motors 1.5 to 3.5 volt. The outer connections are + and -

quality motor for less than £6.50 only drawback is the additional length of the encoder.

eBay item code 282513179495



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