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Having recently got it into my head to purchase the ‘Ghosts of Aberglaslyn’ book about the P&BSSR I’ve got it into my head to build a layout depicting the railway.


one thing that has been made clear to me though, is that the models I have for the locos from the P&BSSR are only approximate examples which can now be improved upon.


so I’m asking you all for some help if I can.  I’m going to be using an 0-4-0 chassis for the updated kits and I’ve already homes in on the Fiddletown and Copperopolis chassis along with the outside framed 0-4-0 diesel from minitrains. Would anyone happen to have The dimensions of these chassis or be able to recommend a viable alternative for me?


once again, a big thank you to everyone who has made purchases! I would however, encourage you at this time to either save your money for yourselves or to donate it to a food charity/front line medical workers until the immediate crisis has passed. Fortunately this is a hobby for me, so my livelihood does not count on sales. There are folks out there who need the money far more than I!


all the best,


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