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Gold Coast exhibition pics

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Thanks for the link to your photos David


Kyogle N scale looks to be the stand out for quality Modelling and as a Model Railway

Then a small one Yandilla sidings looked good and well presented

South port looked promising but also looks unfinished like several other layouts in the photos.


A few better modules on the domino effect

And may be one or two other new layouts train sets


But generaly many of the others are looking very tired well past there exhibition expiry dates seems there are very few quality layouts available for Qld show at the moment.

I feel that a layout is only Good for 2 local show before modellers will just say seen it and walk past, Exhibitor's need to take a break for a few shows then it's OK to exhibit again after a freshen up extra detail etc.

No offence to LL paper glen owner but it's so past it that an exhibition organiser must be scraping for layouts to include the last time I saw it at Newcastle it looked like the owner had abandoned it 2 derailed trains and no owner in sight and it looked like the layout was well past it then and that was a few shows ago.

How long can the lower Qld coast exhibitions go without any real new layouts all the reports I got from the Brisbane show were that people weren't going to waste there money next year and basicly the same layouts were at this show.


The recent Epping club Brick pit show down in Sydney had a great mix of new and revamped "Model Railways" all displays were quality no open ply visible, just needed a little more variety in the Prototypes.

QLD seems to have the variety of prototypes but lacks the quality "Model Railways" plenty of "train layouts" or "train sets" style on display, unfortunately

And the general public well if they attend 2 shows and see the same layouts they think every show is going to be the same so you have now lost them as repeat customers

Example the Epping clubs show at the brick pit, a lot of modellers didn't attend as the previous year's show was a flop with the numbers of Model Railways and quality was down on most layouts I also got a lot of comments from family's saying they were sceptical about coming this year as there was little to see the previous year, most people on Monday had been told by friends a or family that it was worth going to this year, So popped in for a look.


Sorry Sounds harsh but it Is the reality to keep the General public & the Modellers coming back you need something new occasionally.

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