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Grim-up-North; Goathland & Queensbury. Castle junction.


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On 04/01/2013 at 03:05, twa_dogs said:

I'm intrigued by the process of ascertaining the contours of the surrounding landscape when making the internal "ribs" in the boards.

Start by working out the gradient of the track beds over the length of the base boards (In this case 6’ 4’ and 6’), then the roads, rivers, building foundations etc.

I drew a full size drawing of the view using different colours starting at the back and working to the front. The insulation is 3” thick so I placed the ribs 12” apart then marked these on the plan and view drawings.   


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I bow to your Kung Fu - especially in regard to your detail in the landscaping around Goathland Station. Amazing work, and I admire your keen sense of appropriate modeling subject matter. I chose a very similar subject, but modeled as portable HO scale modules as part of a modular RR club.



Here is a taste of my stuff.

I used many of the same structures you used for the station, but my castle is entirely scratch built.















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I spent about 5 months - a couple of hours  2-3 evenings each week and several hours every other saturday. The buildings are mostly balsa, bass plywood and poplar dowells.
I struggled with finding a way to get a stone-wall look surface on flat and curved surfaces. I wanted it to look the same whether it was smooth PVC or grainy balsa wood. I ended up pouring room temperature vulcanizing mix on a sheet of stone texture styrene to make a big, rubber “stamp” that once cured, I laid flat on a table. I then spread embossing ink (from the scrapbooker’s section of Michael’s Craft Shop) on the rubber “stamp” with a roller and then pressed (or rolled if cylindrical) the model part on the stamp. While the ink was wet, I sprinkled black embossing powder on the surface and zapped it with a heat gun. The result is a very convincing stone wall texture; the process also worked for roof shingles.
















LED light test in basement:


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You've certainly captured the essence and atmosphere of Goathland and the surrounding area very well! I particularly like the shot of Beck-Hole with the viaduct behind it, makes me want to pop in for a pint and pok pie!


Looking forward to more photos!





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Had some time to photograph some trains on the layout today,appologies for the bad images they will get better I promise.


Preserved GNR N2 drifts down the viaduct with LNER twin set.




BR days. WD 8f makes light work of the 1in 50 gradient heading north with an unusual short  empty banana trian .






So much so that the fireman seems very relaxed.




Busy moment as unidentified LNER Rod takes on water while waiting for an up pigeon local hauled by J72 number 2313.




The little jordy tank also pauses for a drink.



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Back from the new pizza joint where we recieved free pints because our order was taking too long! Nice!!


Back to these pics. Pigeon train has an empty fish van tagged on (Baffling :scratchhead:) .




These shots involved climbing onto the mobile work bench which I neglected to lock thus nearly falling onto layout. :locomotive:




The 4' center board seen from above. I can`t help noticing the lack of cable trunking and point rodding which is being added to my hobby check list for this winter as I type. :mail:



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Its freaky wierd seeing another's take on the same subject as one I modeled.  You do some things wth your surrounding environs that I wish I could do - and there's real genius in your scenery technique. 





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As the sun appeared at the end of the day yesterday, Mrs Sasquatch and I opened up the workshop door and wipped out the camera.

Heres the results. 


1966 and Class 108 eases off the throtle as it reaches the summit.




Steamers passing.



Posty collects the evening mail.



J94 with empty hoppers. Very North Eastern.



1960s, with DMU service.



Honeydukes Tea Rooms ready to close up for the night.



I like this although its just the old Hornby kit.



Last orders at the bar ladies and gentlemen please. You can almost hear the glasses clink clanking in the Birch Hall Inn.

Mines a pint!







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