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attachicon.gif86005 120584.jpg


86005 departs Hardendale Quarry with a train of empty tanks for Runcorn, 12 May 1984. Not sure what the tanks would have conveyed, maybe CO2?

Lovely shot.


The tanks conveyed butane to the quarry where it was used to fire the lime kilns.  This came from Shell's Stanlow refinery which is where the discharged (empty) tanks would have been returning to.

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My earliest photo of a class 87 was taken on an instamatic camera in 1975

but does show something of a contrast of motive power.


At Allerton 87031 is stabled next to a withdrawn class 02 loco still in green livery, no. 02004, 22/6/75



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A few taken at Ipswich, back in February 2012.



86639 and 86622 stand at Ipswich on 15 February 2012



90048 stabled just north of Ipswich station


And a couple taken back on 8th December 2011






90009 on a London-bound service


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Lovely photos of the good old days, thanks for posting - always nice to see photos of Rugby in the '70s / '80s, takes me back...


I was in the neighbourhood again last weekend and treated myself to some time lineside at Cathiron and spotted these beauties:








These above two pictures were taken on Fri Aug 5th, around 5pm.






The last shot is of course E3137 / 86045 / 86259, taken as it was heading north on Sat 6th Aug with the Cumbrian Mountain Express, Euston-Carlisle.


all the best,



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Unidentified 86 enters the old platform 2 at Rugby with an up service, circa 'Winter of discontent'... I can remember snow on the ground here in '78 / '79...


attachicon.gifAL6 Rugby 1970s.jpg


Unidentified 85 at Rugby...


attachicon.gif85 0xx Rugby b&w.jpg


81 002 in the old platform 1 at Rugby, October '88, probably the last AC loco I took a photo of...


attachicon.gifRY 81 002.jpg


82 008 on the blocks at Euston, c.1978...


attachicon.gif82 008 Euston 1978.jpg


AL6 E3146 at Crewe...


attachicon.gifAL6 E3146 Crewe 1M18.jpg


E3196 at Northampton Castle station...


attachicon.gifNPTN E3196 Last ever Up Scotsman, had worked over Harborough Branch and changed locos.jpg

What's happening in the top photo Nidge, white lights on the loco and two reds on the signal?

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Great to have a thread of proper locos at last ;)




E3200 at Euston circa 1968. Note BR arrows but still has white cab roof. Could be later because it looks like aircon stock in the background.


Wot like this one, taken with my mum's Brownie 127 camera.

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One of the biggest problems on the 81-86 locos was the ride quality. In the cab sitting still was almost impossible. what was worse was that it was almost impossible to have a cup of tea. You dare not fill the cup more than half way or it would spill everywhere. Quite how these locos stayed on the road at 100 mph is still a mystery to me, having spent a while working on them in 1974-76!

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I started my railway career on the Footplate at Euston in 1979, so these shots take me back to the time when we had stock movements around stations, and light engines running to and from depots, and station pilots!  Ah great days!. Please keep these smashing photos coming!


Bob C

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I'm really sorry to hijack the thread...These are beautiful photos which are not easy to come by on Google. But I wanted to know when exactly did "Railfreight" or "Railfreight Distribution" exist? I think 1987 it was conceived, but when did RfD officially end and for how long after that did the Class 86's and Class 90's carry the RfD livery?

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