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My Small garden Railway

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On 03/08/2018 at 22:35, Chris M said:

Track cleaning is an issue for anyone running track power outside. Battery powered radio control is great if you can find room for it in your locos.

Nice to see your project running. Well done.


This link:




will answer most questions on how Radio Control is done and LiPo power will be compact enough to run all but the largest and most inefficient Pittman Gearhead motors. (My Accucraft GG eats the charge from 4Ahr NiMh in just over an hour and a half.)


Knowing that the basic units will motivate O-16.5 the needs of many O-gauge models should be easier as there is a bit more room to spread the individual NiMh cells around the loco


Or you might use a Covered Coach Van and install a power supply within it, then use a linking plug and socket to the loco after disconnecting the track power pick-ups.


Use a micro-DPDT switch and you could leave the track pickups in situ and run the loco inside and out.


There being several ways in which to unfleece a feline.

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On 11/06/2018 at 21:43, CME and Bottlewasher said:



The other problem is if built on clay then the concrete will shift and break. I'm trying to get my plastic boards finished, 75% of the garden section is wooden boards and 25% will be various types of plastic.






I'm on regularly flooded sand in woodland.


52tonnes of best reinforced ready-mix and 2000 concrete blocks have not moved in 19 years...


The bunged in quick 'stations' have been subject to settlement and collapse so are now replaced by 5tonnes of reinforced garage footing foundation and 50 concrete blocks


Build you footing deep enough once and you are set for life...

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