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00 Boxfile Terminus


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Good Afternoon,


Sometime ago I posted on the old forums about my 'Big Layout' Ifield West; a Southern-based fictional preserved railway. After a house move the majority of my modelling rolling stock, materials and the layout itself now reside in Devon with my family; whilst I was left with a boxfile project in my new lodgings. However things didn't go the plan my London Underground based boxfile project went out the window and had to be scrapped - all I had left from that project was the track safely stored.

After a trip to Wilkinsons and my local model shop earlier; I returned with three boxfiles a locomotive and four-wheel coach to begin my next project all for under £40!


After planning in AnyRail i've decided on the above plan. Its freelance design not really based on anywhere.



My purchases and the track set up as per the plan to check that it fits.



What I am ideally going for is a small rundown light railway terminus; served infrequently by goods trains and with even less passengers! Hopefully this project will allow me to work on some other aspects of modelling, such as scenery which I began on my main layout but unable to continue. I do want to attempt some kit-building perhaps starting off with one of Smallbrooks' resin kits. The layout will be operated 'One Engine in Steam' with the motive power evenutally going over to a Terrier or such-like. These two boxfiles will be stuck together with only the fiddleyard box to be seperate the whole ensemble to fit on my desk when i want to work on it.


I'm thinking that a Goods shed, or part of could be used as a scenic break over the lonely line on the right. Stationwise a very thin platform will be needed - buildings almost non existant, perhaps very thin half-relief ones could be made.


Any suggestions on how to fix such boxes together will be greatly appriciated and how to obtain correct alignment on the fiddleyard board. I'm not terribly experianced at these matters. Apologies for quality of the single photograph I still havent worked out how my new Camera works correctly yet!



~ Matloughe

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Spending some free time today working on the project; I'd like to share the results of my labour. Please excuse my washing; I didn't realise it was 'in shot' dry.gif





There is definately something about this project that I'm really feeling good about. The locomotive is standing on the platform road; the offcuts from the end of the boxfiles I've mocked up as a shed on the third track. For a branch terminus I think something along the lines of a corregated iron goods shed or Carriage shed purely to hold surplus stock. The layout is intended to be operated from the front so the shed will obscure the exit off scene.


I've placed the Hornby DCC point clips that get around the dead frogs on the layout so that a single power source can be used for the station area - this shouldn't be a problem as anything more then one locomotive will clutter the layout. Perhaps the shed road can be worked off of a switch so a second locomotive could be isolated there, something to think about.



~ Matloughe

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