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Jon Fitness' average 7mm signals workbench.

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 Many thanks for all the suggestions and helps. As I still have my CAD stabilisers and L plates on, this is all rather confusing. If only draftsight would work properly again I could just carry on where I had to leave off!..


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Posted (edited)

A quick update! Everything still seems GWR or more correctly, BR(W)!:blink:

This is a GWR 30ft distant. It uses a Borg-Rail Etched post, Scale Signal supply arm, Modelu lamp and Finial and Southwark Bridge built up ladders. Theres a few of my own etches there and the little cabinet is scratchbuilt.




These 2 are a couple based on structures at Park Jc in South Wales. They use MSE brackets, Modelu lamps and finials, a scratchbuilt ground signal and my own etched arms, weight bars and ladders and a few scratchbuilt odds and sods. The staging is 0.8 ply,  and the whole is weathered with enamels. If the handrails look 'orrible, its because they represent the signals in recent years fitted with modern replacements.


More soon...


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