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Scottish layout in Portugal

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Hi all.


I am a follower of this forum for quite a while, and I wanted to start a layout in OO gauge, in UK scenery, just to be away from the normal German, American, Swiss, Italian and Portuguese layouts we usually have here in Portugal.


I live in Lisbon, and I started do buid an american layout by the begining of this year. It was meant to be a operating layout. Howeever, beeing a father of a two year old, the boy dos not relate to this kind of layout. So, I took it all a part.


I have a space of 465 x 80 cm. 


So, I want to build a tail chaser Scottish layout (don't know why. never been to Scottland, but the feel and look ofr every Scottish layout I've seen make me want to build one as well).


I have been to Google Earth and foundTaynuilt Train Station. I don't want to build a complete real location model, but I felt inpired by it.


So here it is my first try for a track plan. This is just to have an idea, but when I start to lay the track I plan to have it less geometrical and make the trak flow.


What are your thoughs?


Thanks in advance.


PS - Sorry about my terrible English...



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Hi Luis.


Your English is far better than my Portuguese, so don't worry about that part. we can always ask for clarification if necessary.


With regard to the plan, it looks fine to my untutored eye. The only thing missing would be a trap point at the exit from the yard.


I see that you have used one of the propretary track planning software packages using sectional track. When it comes to actually laying the track, it might be better to use flexible track and introduce some curves.


Being a Scot myself, I have first hand knowledge of the lack of straight lines North of the Border! It will also introduce some more interest.


May I ask what scale you are planning to use? 80 cm wide is not a lot. Doable in N I should think, but you might struggle in 00 to get round the corners.


Best wishes



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Hi Ian.


Thank for answering.


The track I'll be using is PECO code 75, OO gauge. Just shadow station will be in Code83, just becasue I had that from the previous layout.


I know that the turns are a bit too sharp, But I want to hide them the best I can.


I made another track plan base one this one, and one I found out here at the RMWEB. The benchwork went up to 95 cm at the ends.

What do you think about it now?

Take care.


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Thank you for choosing Scotland!

In case the information is useful, the name "Taynuilt" is often pronounced incorrectly - it should be "tie-noolt"..   It means (in Gaelic) "the house beside the stream",

Best wishes for the model.


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