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Uploading photos from ipad

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I'm having some issues uploading photos to my thread 'Christleton Junction' in the layout topics page. I tend to take photos from my iphone, e-mail them to myself on the iphone to reduce the size to under 1MB and then airdrop them to my ipad. I then create a post in the usual way, selecting the photos from the photo library.


Throughout this process the photos retain their correct rotation, and appear the right way up when viewed on my ipad or iphone. Indeed any ipad or iphone seem to retain the correct orientation (as far as I can tell). However on a PC, some of the photos appear rotated through 90 or 180 degrees.


I cannot work out how to correct their orientation or how to prevent this happening again. Being only an occasional viewer on RMweb by PC, I also don't know how to check to see if there's a problem when I create a new post.


Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Yes. Live with it.


I've had exactly the same, after using exactly your method, and I can't work out how to prevent it happening!



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This has frustrated me enough to find out what's causing it. The problem originates in the ability of modern devices to take pictures at any rotation. Unfortunately they do not have the processing power to deal with sorting out the rotation and be ready for the next shot to be taken instantaneously, to get over this they store the rotation details of the picture in the 'exif' file (along with GPS details and date stamp etc). When displaying the picture, the viewing software checks the exif file and correctly orientates the picture.


My brief research suggests that this is not universally adopted, but most newer systems will check the exif file. Viewers of rmweb on more up to date devices (and anything ios >5) should see the pictures the right way up. I believe Windows 10 also sorts this out (and some upgrades to Windows 7), but I have no way of checking.


There are 3 ways to deal with this (technically 4, but ignoring it is not an option I ever like, it's my OCD).


1. Always use the iphone in the 'upright' rotation. This is landscape with the volume buttons facing down. This is somewhat restrictive as you can't take potrait pictures and the camera lens is at the top of the phone - about 15 feet off the ground in 4mm scale, so 'eye-level' shots are harder to achieve.


2. Download a camera app for the iphone that sorts out the orientation before saving. It will be slower between shots (probably not an issue).


3. Download the photos to a PC and sort out the orientation before posting them - note the PC will need to be an older platform or the photos will appear the right way up!


If I have this right, then the picture below should be the correct orientation!



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