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0n30 NQR Wagons to go with your NA Class 2-6-2t

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When Haskell Co brought you the 0n30 Na Class 2-6-2 in five version the most regularly asked question was, "are they going to do some rolling stock to go with it?"


Well, the answer is yes with the first one arriving shortly




The first vehicle is the NQR class bogie open wagon which will be followed by others. Instead of outsourcing manufacture to China this time Haskell have set up their own facility in Taiwan where they are based and this is its first product. Why the NQR?  Well, it provides a relatively straightforward model for the first release but it also provides a number of components that are also used in the models still to come.


EDM Models / NGTrains will be importing the models as we do the NA class models. There are more details on our website along with the ability to order/reserve models  They can be found here


Some additional model info......

  • Sold in boxes of three
  • Ten livery/number options including unlettered
  • Kadee Couplers
  • Metal Wheels
  • Brake Rigging
  • Optional details

Additional Ordering info......

  • A selection of samples are on the way to me now
  • I hope to have them on display at Expo NG
  • I am taking reservations for the stock that will come later
  • I will only be ordering those reserved plus a very small number for stock. You need to reserve to be sure of getting them
  • The price is a pessemistic estimate as explained below

Pricing & Shipping.......

It can't have escaped your attention that since a certain vote the exchange rate has taken a dive and continues to fluctuate around its new low. What this means practically is that things will be a) more expensive than they were and  its nigh on impossible to pin down by how much until an item is here and paid for.


To cover this the price quoted on the website is at the pessemistic end of what it might actually be. What will get charged when they arrive will hopefully be less than that but I needed to protect myself and it is nicer to be able to tell someone that instead of £115 they're, say, £110 rather than the alternative of having to tell them its gone up


Remember, to be sure of getting the models you want reservation is essential


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Thanks to Paul for sending over samples of the wagons for photographing; very nice! I do like the concept of the livery shade variations; there's something there more suppliers could think about.


Pictured are sets NQR009 and NQR010 showing the different tones.






2 NQR 10.jpg


2 NQT 65.jpg


2 set 203.jpg


2 set 1.jpg




1 NQR 26.jpg


1 NQR 84.jpg


1 NQR 213.jpg


1 Set 1.jpg


1 set 2.jpg


Haskell Co – NQR Wagons – 0n30
Having previously produced the Na Class 2-6-2 locomotive in in 0n30 the first 0n30 wagon to match the NA engines is the NQR open wagon which is being sold in 3 packs. The wagons have brake rigging detail, painted brake hoses, Kadee couplers and metal wheels.
Three basic colours have been produced. Although three colours appear in the photos below the difference between the two darker browns is minimal and is in line with differences on real wagons in service. The more orange like colour (sometimes called "wagon red") represents a colour that was introduced in the 1950s and has continued into preservation on some wagons. It is quite accurate to run multiple colours together with these wagons.
The NQR wagon provided the base for many customisations including being rebuilt into passenger cars.
The NQR wagons are sold in packs of three with ten different packs available
Whilst Haskell’s loco projects have all been produced in China the NQR wagon is the first from their new production facility in Taiwan. The NQR wagon was chosen for the first wagon as a relatively simple model with which to commission the new plant but because it also provides the building blocks for future releases.
The NQR wagon packs will be available in the UK and Europe from EDM Models. In an attempt to keep the price down in a troubled financial market we are taking reservations towards a largish order which will be shipped in bulk to the UK by sea (slower but cheaper).
Only a small quantity over and above the reserved models will be coming to the UK so reservation is recommended
In the current financial markets predicting the final cost of an import is no better than a guess. At the moment we estimate they will cost £115 for a pack of 3. If the exchange rate improves the price will also reduce. If it goes the other way, then the price will increase.
Ruling price will be that at the time of despatch
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