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The recent release of the GNR U Class by OO Works has inspired me to get back into railway modelling - family and work commitments have taken me in other directions since my last project (Ballynahinch Junction) but small steps have been taken to bring me back again.  By the way, don't tell the missus.....


The U Class is a beauty but I have nowhere to run mine so I decided to start preparing for a new layout build.  I have started with the buildings - this is the part of railway modelling that I enjoy the best so here are my few offerings so far: a GNR red brick station building, a typical (I hope) signal cabin and a stationmaster's house (Ok this one was actually built about 20 years ago but it's still intact!)  This will be a slow process but hopefully something fairly decent will emerge in due course.  Unlike Ballynahinch Junction, this will be a fictional layout, with a bit of a twist, which may or may not work..........  Hope you all like the pics!



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The u class runs extremely well if you have some lead (I used the 10mm thin strip for aquarium weights). A bit under the tender to aid pickup, as much as you can fit between the axles of the bogie, a little thin bit underneath the coupled wheels, remove the backhead and shove as much as you can above the motor (then replace backhead). You can also fit a thin bit of lead under the cab roof without it being visible. This makes bogie and tender track much better and rebalances the loco so it sits on the driver's better and has more traction.

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