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2 Car Q Stock Set plus L.52 & Panniers running on 'Earl's Court'

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Tony, Harry and myself really enjoyed exhibiting at TADRail on Saturday.


During the afternoon we had a bit of a London Transport theme. We were running Q Stock, 2 Panniers and an 0-6-2 F Class.


The Q Stock is constructed using Radley Bodies & Chassis as the starting point but I have added my own styrene overlays for the sides and the ends, cut on a Cameo Silhouette. On car is K stock and the other G.

Sound was created for me by John Gymer at Youchoos.


How do I justify a 2 car set?

In Brian Hardy's book 'Underground Train File Surface Stock 1933-1959' there is a lovely picture of a G & K together running as a 2 car set which is acting as a replacement for the unavailable single cars. Also, until 1940 there was a short formation shuttle from Edgware Road to Kensington Addison Road (Olympia). So there's my excuse to run it!


The F Class steam 0-6-2 is a S.E. Finecast kit, again with sound.


There are lots more pictures and some videos on the website.....   ecmr.webs.com








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Spot on - that F class looks fantastic - top notch modelling. I have a photo on the wall at home taken by CR Coles of my Dad leaning out of the cab of L 52 somewhere near what looks suspiciously like Wendover.


Dad loved driving the panniers though. A lot of pictures of him in the book Red Panniers. He'd of appreciated your modelling.


Great stuff.


Best regards


Matt Wood

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As usual for you, Terry - utterly plausible!



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