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WD type D open from the DJB kit

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Not my usual thing at all, but I bought this kit for a song secondhand, and have finally got around to building it - sides and floor are ply, with cast whitemetal strapping


I tried cutting masking tape with my sillhouette cutter but ordinary Humbrol paint seeped under the edges, so I then used the tape to act as an edge against which I used a Pentel white pen to draw the letters - I think its worked quite well.


The box is laser cut - I wanted to have an 'ammunition box' effect, but the soot from the laser cut smells so strongly I've had to varnish it!


Its now surplus to requirements, so I need to work out how to sell it - I was thinking of taking it to ExpoNG, but IIRC Kent trading standards have some strict rules on secondhand traders (to discourage car boot 'professionals' ) so it might not be that easy.









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