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Less common now than they were, LT owned a fair number of SR [later BR] pattern, concrete, line side structures. These could be found [paired with the SR-type toolshed] for example at Amersham [an excellent photo exists on the District Dave website] and can still be found on the north side of the line between Acton Town and South Ealing. There may well be others still around. A 7mm [only] resin kit has been produced and is now available to purchase from Roxey Mouldings. This also has internal fireplace and smokehood/flue detail - if you want tables and chairs, then you're on your own!



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It would be interesting to know just how many of these still exist around the system.


I should add that, like the SR, these platelayer's huts were often paired with a concrete toolshed. Roxey also have a 7mm kit for that available. Hopefully all these will be on display at the Reading 0gauge show on 10 Dec this year [note the change of date from 03 Dec].

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