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Garry Morris

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A newbie to this area of the forum and feeling like a newbie! Firstly I hope I'm posting in the right section of the forums with my attempts at the beginning of a layout that one day will reach exhibition standard.


The layout is fictitious but is heavily influenced by Newton Abbot and Totnes in the late 1960's hence a very small traverser and a four track mainline. The mainline is in fact one line with turnbacks. A train will traverse the station area four times before retiring to the fiddle yard; and the intention is that when one day this layout hits the exhibition circuit that there is constant action with trains obeying multiple aspect colour light signals. The layout has hopefully the feel of South Devon (despite going for red brick!)  and is set in the hydraulic era but with a very run down feel. I can't even decide whether the station will be derelict yet! As i feel my skills may lay in urban decay it may well be - weeds and shrubs cover a host of bad joints and sheer experimentation! There are already a few dodgy characters lurking about in the background!


Now to the reason for this posting. As you can see the main part of the station will be hidden behind a bridge that is partly built. There will only be a hint of the station visible under the bridge but I have a gap between the Ratio chapel and the bridge which I need to fill. I feel that the retaining wall needs to drop away to platform level but what else could be done? . If anyone has any suggestions I would be pleased to hear. I struggle to mentally construct the story behind the urban landscape though I feel I did manage to create atmosphere with with the Planet Guitars shop and Making Waves along with other boarded up shops. I have included some pictures of other parts of the layout to give an overall impression. Any other comments on the layout are welcome ....I know that some aspects of it are below par at the moment but it is a work in progress!







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