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In case anyone who is interested and may be unaware of my 3d printing modelling development thread here, I have several items that are available on my Shapeways shop.


Specialising in ex-GNR, ex-LNER & ex-L&YR prototypes in the British Railways-era. My models are generally prototypes that could be found in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the 1950s but would also be suitable for some other areas. The models are 'bodyline' kits designed to fit on OO ready-to-run chassis. Some modelling and 3rd party items will be required to obtain a finished result!


The AjModels shop can be found here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ajmodels




Currently available are:


Ivatt N1 for Airfix/Mainline/Hornby N2 chassis (several detail variations are available).

L&YR Aspinall Class 27 (aka A Class) for Bachmann C Class chassis


Full instructions and further details can be found on my blogsite here: https://ajmodels.wordpress.com/ivatt-n1-instructions/


I will continue with the other thread for development news whilst this one will be for any new product announcements.


Feel free to ask any questions on either thread or PM me.


Thanks for your time.



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They look nice! Is there sufficient clearance for EM and P4 wheels, please?




In theory yes. I have had a few purchases from EM/P4 modellers but sadly no feedback as to how easy it was to use. The N1 width inside the splashers is the same as the Hornby N2 so if that works to EM/P4 so should the N1. If you let me know your required clearance I can check the cad file and let you know.



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As a very satisfied customer, I can thoroughly recommend Andrew's work.  The N1 went together very well and was a pleasure to put together and detail, accompanied by a very good build manual.  No connection, just one happy N1 owner!




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