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A few impressions from Warley 2016

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And a little bit more...

The bridge. Not only that the bridge is a great model - they also did the landscape in a very pleasant way. In this scale not an easy job!






The T scale trains are too fast for me - not using flash...







Thanks for the photos.  The only one I took today was of this - I never thought to see the Forth bridge modelled.

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I have a few more - but tomorrow is another day...


@ PaulRhB: Yes it was good to talk, I suppose we (and this is to all RMWeb forum guys) should try to meet at a given time at a given location - just to know who is who...


Will come back to this subject when the next Warley show comes on.


And if some of you think that I left out important layouts - this may have different reasons. Either I have seen this particular layout before on another show - or I haven't seen it or my photos where rubbish, blurry and out of focus and I had to delete them....

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Apologies for the "me too" post, but again, thanks for taking the time to upload. I'm always interested in seeing what's at Warley each year despite being one of those miserable ###### that always finds an excuse not to go. "Too far", "Can't be ar$ed with the bargain scrums" etc etc. Many thanks.


Edit: The ###### was nothing worse then "buggers".

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I woke up this morning and remembered I hadn't spent time watching Grantham yesterday.


I saw it from a distance and meant to come back to it on my way back down the next aisle and I never saw it again.


It's a maze that place.


Wonder what else I didn't see, I remember thinking where is the N stuff and found it by chance in a corner I thought was all chairs. I might take a drone with me next time so I can find my bearings.

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Thanks again for the effort of posting the pictures. Sad to have missed what looks like a good show.


Big layouts and big bridges/viaducts seem to be in fashion!  :wink_mini:


'Mara Harbor' is the layout of 'Milocomarty' on here. The work of Martin Welberg http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/64167-static-grass-tips-and-techniques/page-7 post #172.


Some more here  https://cardiganbaycoastalrailroad.wordpress.com/category/mara-harbor/ His work is in the vanguard of scenic techniques.

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By gad there is some damn fine modelling at this show. Thanks for taking the time to share. I think I have seen Billingham at some show or another. A superb layout with brilliant scenics to a fine level of detail.

That Continental layout with the OHL is incredible; could easily be drone shots of the 'real thing'


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