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Forge Valley Station info please

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Hi Everyone.


I am researching forge valley station on the forge valley line between Scarborough and Pickering and I'm looking for a track plan of the area, photos of the goods yard as it was and what sort of traffic would have been seen, freight and passenger.


I have seen the website about this line which has a lot of useful information but sadly not many photos of how it was, I'm am thinking of modeling this location in N gauge as I used to live 1/2 a mile down the road from the station.


Any help or information is greatly appreciated.



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There is a book by J R Lidster worth seeking out s/h try Abe books


Thanks Dava,


I have will look for the book in local shops.


There seems to be a real lack of photos / illustrations for this particular station as it was, I have been to the site but you can't walk round as it's now a council yard, the station and goods shed are still standing though.


Thanks again.



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This site, Jerry?




There's a couple more links on that site too, which may be of help.


There's a track plans book published by NERA that covers the Forge Valley - it also covers the Scarborough-Whitby line. I have a copy, but I'm away from home at present.


IIRC it would have seen BTP tanks, then G5s, on passenger services. Sentinel steam railcars also ran along it, along with the diesel electric unit. Freight - not sure, but J21/24/25 would be likely, I think. AFAIK it was only local 'pickup' freight services.


Hope this is a start for you.




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Thanks Mark for your reply.


Yeah I have seen that site, very useful but unfortunately I just can't seem to find any more photos of the station and yard how it was before it closed.


I know there was coal drops and a goods shed, sheep dock but nothing of how they may of looked.


Thanks for the information so far everyone.



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During the mid-late 1940s, a Scarborough-Pickering goods and return was worked by a Dairycoates engine. B15s were used until they were all withdrawn (1947).

In1949, still a Dairycoates engine with Scarborough men,


Stuart (I also lived half a mile away at one point)

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