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Wembdon Road & Chilton Trinity. 00 gauge 70s-80s Western Region Blue Diesels in a shed.

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A few more photos with the completed section back in place.



Class 121 'bubble car' leaves Chilton Trinity heading for Wembdon Road.







I've also made a start on tidying up the garden of the tea room/shop in Station Road.








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A few views of last weekends playing.


Some track maintenance work brought an unusual visitor to the branch in the shape of 31 174. after dropping ballast further down the line the empty hoppers head to Chilton Trinity to run round.







We can just about run round 3 hoppers and a Shark brake van in the loop.



Before heading back down the branch.















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Very nice Mike


Really like the pics of the 31 leaving the run round entering back on to the branch line.

The Dapol bubble looks good to.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks for your comment Dan - much appreciated.


Nothing new to show in the last week i'm afraid - just had a few minutes to mess around with some black and white photos which hopefully give a bit of a 1970s/80s feel.














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excellent work



I like the pictures of the ballast train


Thanks for your comments shed and ess1uk - much appreciated.


I've never really been sure what the rail served industrial building at Chilton Trinity is or does. One possibility is the ubiquitous dairy so, as I managed an hour in the shed yesterday evening, I had a play with some milk tankers to see what they looked like and how the rail operation might work. The head shunt and sidings are quite short so, after a bit of experimentation, I settled for a train of just 3 tankers.


25 083 arrives at the station throat with 3 empty tanks from Wembdon Road. There are 3 loaded tanks in the 'dairy'.



The loco uncouples and leaves the empty tanks in the platform and draws forward to run around.



Before heading for the dairy headshunt.



Collecting the loaded tanks.



All six tanks now left in the middle of the station while the 'rat' goes to run round again. 



When I first tried I wasn't sure the exchange of tanks could be accomplished without the aid of the resident 08 shunter - mainly due to the positioning of the uncoupling ramps. However with a bit more playing the solution was fairly easy, involving the loco sandwiched between the loaded and empty tanks.



2 of the empty tanks in the dairy loading bay.



With the empty tanks now in the sidings, 25 083 is ready to leave with the 3 fulls tanks which will be attached to the London bound train at Wembdon Road.



And heads off back down the branch.



After a couple of tries I was able to carry out the whole process completely hands free - no stalling or derailments and all uncoupling done with the ramps - which I was quite pleased with. Looks like a dairy might be the answer?





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As usual far too much normal life going on to allow much time in the shed this year. However, with major garden and decorating projects (almost) complete I did manage an hour last weekend to 'test' some recent arrivals.


First up, an unidentified Class 50 speeds out of Wembdon Hill Tunnel and into Wemdon Road station on a Paddington bound express made up of new Mark 2F air-conditioned stock. A class 45 trundles past on the up through line with a mixed freight.


Shortly afterwards the same trains were captured passing Wembdon East Junction. Early Mark 2 stock displaced by the arrival of the air-cons, has been stored on the branch line in the background.







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A couple more quick videos from last weekends testing. This time of 50 013 'Agincourt' heading an overnight sleeper/motorail service from Scotland (Sterling - Newton Abbot?) with the new Bachmann carflats bringing up the rear. Certainly nice models though unfortunately they make the train way too long for the platforms or loops!







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Well, the Christmas holiday has flown by again with very few opportunities to get out to the shed. I have managed to do a small amount of modelling, including a first stab at a bit of weathering.


With the arrival of the Bachmann Mk 2Fs I wanted to change the bogies on the BG and RMB which run with them to B4s to match and enable 100mph running. I'm not sure if Bachmann have done the BG or RMB with B4s but I've not seen them if they have? So I bought a couple of sets of spare bogies (36-037) assuming they would be a straight swap. Of course - nothing is that simple!


The bogies do fit just by unscrewing the old one and re-fixing but the raised collar means they ride far too high. So a bit of surgery is required.





The raised collar is removed using a razor saw.



The top is then sanded flat and I managed to cut and drill some new mounts from plasticard, which seem to fix O.K. with Plastic Weld.



Just re-fitting the bogies as they are seemed to leave the coaches a bit low when compared with the Mk2F and unaltered Mk 1s so I experimented with pads of plasticard to raise slightly. 30 thou. seems to be about right.



The completed BG with the bogies painted, springs picked out in red and a bit of frame dirt and brake dust added.







And the RMB - not got round to painting / weathering yet!







I expect there are other (better or cheaper) ways of achieving this but it seems to work O.K and I think improves the overall look of the train.









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I never intended to run an earlier period, but the recent bargain price on the Dapol Class 22 was too tempting to resist. D6332 joins another recent bargain purchase of a Bachmann Class 43 Warship, and a Western I've had for quite a few years. So turning the clock back to the very late 60s , the fairly newly painted into BR Blue D6332, is ideal motive power for the branch milk tanks. Hopefully a bit reminiscent of the Hemyock branch?


Arriving with the empties from Wembdon Road.



Waiting in the head shunt with the full tanks retrieved from the dairy.



Hopefully road vehicles are about correct period?





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The 22 then returns to the head shunt.



Before heading back down the branch with the loaded tanks.



Overall very impressed with both appearance and performance, the loco being able to perform the complete sequence without any stalling or derailments. 





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23 hours ago, rob D2 said:

Nice layout !

Thanks for your comment & likes Rob. You must have been browsing a long way back to come across this!


As a quick update, unfortunately a change of circumstances has forced the dismantling of the layout pending sale of the house. Made a bit of a mess trying to take it apart! Partly because most of the boards had been re-cycled from previous layouts, and because I'd never envisaged having to move it, it was never going to come out in a state where it can be re-built. Luckily I hadn't got as far as ballasting most of the layout, so all the track and turnouts were easily lifted, and most of the buildings were removable so they can all be reused. The only part I have managed to save is the branch terminus, which I've managed to extract in one (rather too large) piece. Everything else is now packed ready to be moved once the house sells. I hope whoever buys the house finds a good use for the shed!





In hindsight the layout had many limitations and things I wished I'd done differently, so hopefully I will learn the lessons and be able to build something better if and when circumstances allow.






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