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When did Jarrow staithes on the river Tyne last operate

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Having been born on the banks of the river Tyne overlooking Jarrow staithes, and having lived the last 35 years in Shropshire I wish to model the arrival of coal and the subsequent loading to colliers at Jarrow. This started life as the Bowes line but I am more interested in its latter (last) days of operation, which I believe to be in the hands of NCB. Any dates and in particular photographs would be very much appreciated. The model wil be a "representation" only as it will be in O Gauge in a very small space, but want to make it as realistic as possible, particularly the staithes / cranes and the conveyor that fed them from the coal marshalling yard behind Simpsons Hostel (Hebburn Colliery).

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Thanks both, on further investigation I have decided to model mid to late 60's. Have discovered an excellent B&W photograph that shows the covered conveyor belts and staithes cranes at Jarrow. I now need photos of the marshalling yard and any "wash plant" etc prior to Discharging the coal to the conveyor.

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Do you have Colin Mountford's book on the Bowes Railway?

There are a couple of photos of Jarrow including an aerial shot?


I think I acquired the book in the late 1970's when I moved to Durham, prior to moving to Shropshire 30 years ago



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