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How to wire a rotary switch

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Hi all it has being quite a while since I have put anything on the thread, now I can , this thread about how to wire up a rotary switch, my main control panel has being wired up, here are the finished fascia of the panel and under neath of the panel ,WOW. 


I went over to my friends house to show me how to wire up one rotary and he decided to offer to wire the panel up for me, I made the panel, drilled all the holes for the rotary switch and put in the LEDS and painted the fascia, very happy with the finish.


I still have to do my bit of connecting the panel to the layout, be using those car connectors as in the third last pic, actually I forgot I had them , reckon I have enough for the rest of the layout connecting the smaller deck sections together, they work well, will buy some clear plastic tubing to protect them while in storage.


With the panel I still have to make a base frame for the remote control throttles and one one throttle for local use, the rotary I am only   e stitching three throttles and one  position neutral, I be sticking with DC, in the near future we will have to down size to a unit, hopefully be able to take some of the track and point off the layout to set one up on the floor in the unit.


I believe the is a thread on control panels, no one has being on is since 1216, I will start a thread there, there be two panels and fascia plan of the layout may have LEDS on that fascia as well.


Layut is getting very close now to running the first test loco, only the smaller decking to lay track ans level 


Tony from cold down under.








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This post has come full cycle from asking how to wire a rotary switch to the rotary switch become part of m main control panel, thanks to everyone it is now connected to the layout only by 5 bus wire blocks, haven't enough wire to finish wiring the panel, will have to wait till get back from a weeks holiday with my wife to the Shine Coast town called Caloundra , popular holiday spot.


The two level step ladder is perfect height , I plan to buy a cheap computer chair so I can sit down and enjoy seeing the trains running, the control panel is designed to operate three throttles,

two remote control throttles and one for local operation or two slide control throttles and one remote.


The first step will be for the four transformers,, three for the throttles and one for powering the led lights, I haven't put any power into the panel till I wire up more blocks, the last pic I tested if it be easier to plug in the spade connectors with the panel on the module up high, much easier, can't wait for the big day., won't be till Christmas time now.


Tony from down under








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