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Peco 'Coarse(ish)' 0 Gauge Points

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According to reports in the February 2017 Gauge O Guild Gazette, Peco has produced trial samples for evaluation of a variant of the existing 0 gauge 1:43 flat-bottom points for coarser wheel standards. These have a greater flangeway clearance for wheels having a back-to-back measurement of 27.4mm and a flange depth up to 2.5mm. This is to accommodate the increasing number of modellers purchasing e.g. the ACE trains ready-to-run products and the trial product is under evaluation by ACE.


The points would otherwise dimensionally match the existing Finescale products and connect with the existing flexible track (and, presumably, could connect with the same gauge Setrack elements).


Cost is likely to be similar to the existing Finescale points SL-E791FB and SL-E792FB.


The Gauge O Guild has been asked to assess the market and there is an e-mail address given for an individual who will co-ordinate feedback on p78 of the Gazette. For those interested but who are not a member of the Gauge O Guild, please PM me for the e-mail details.

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