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Where is This Level Crossing?


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Lydney Town


Same picture  http://www.sungreen.co.uk/lydney_forest_of_dean/lydney-railway-crossing.html


View today - bit different but pub roof and distant buildings look the same





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Just beat me to it!

I have had a pint or two behind the photographer ;)

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Looks like Porthmadog to me. Recognise (and have stayed in) the hotel in the background.


Porthmadog crossing is on a flat road, the one above is definitely on an incline, and in Porthmadog there are two tracks crossing the road ... but I get why you are thinking this.


Best regards




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Lydney has been suggested but other pics of that have a box with a hipped roof. Unless there were / are two crossings.

Lydney Town on the Severn & Wye line. You are correct that there are two crossings. The other crossing is at the former Lydney Junction on the Gloucester to Severn Tunnel Junction line.

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