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RLS may soon gain some room in which to take form.  13' x 9', or thereabouts.  Now I think that what I want should fit in that space and, if it doesn't, well I'll just have to make some decisions about which bits of the grand plan I'm happy to dispose of, won't I? 


More of this anon over the next few months I'm sure.

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Things are moving forward with the house but I'm anticipating it will be a few months at least before I move in, if all goes well.  Then there's the small matter of wanting to take it back internally to something approaching original appearance, which no doubt will be a long term project.  RLS will probably become the long term project that gets looked at between bouts of work on the other long term project... to be expected when you buy an Edwardian house really, it goes with the territory.


Meanwhile though I've started serious design work and bought a paper download kit for a stable block to pair up with the goods yard offices I built a year or so back.  The plan for that, much like the station buildings for Cremorne & Pittance, is to use it as a template for practically a scratchbuild in plastic. 


Serious design work I hear you cry- when I have a track plan already?  Well, you see, the station plan I have is pretty much just Phase One.  Also, I'm not particularly happy with the goods yard arrangement and- a lot of planning thus far has been of the 'if I had some space' sort.  Now that (fingers crossed) I have the space, and I know how much of it I have (13' by 9', or thereabouts), I can start seeing what will fit.  I'm reading a lot of Iain Rice books at the moment, specifically how to avoid a rectangular room leading to a rectangular layout.  Initial thoughts are to create almost a triangle with a curved 'bottom'.  One straight (actually a long gentle curve) will conclude with Red Lion Square station.  That will lead into approximately a 4'-radius curve across the 9' wall on the inside of which will be built a small running shed. The main lines at this point might actually be hidden behind a backscene, so splitting the layout into a couple of vignettes.  Once past that and on the other 13' wall the main lines would be back in the open and run through open country side and C&P station before entering a fiddle yard of some description, but not before passing an interchange siding with a narrow gauge network serving a waterworks.  You might see here that I've basically taken bits from several Iain Rice plans I like the look of and am trying to hammer them into one design.  We'll see how that turns out. Four walls, four vignettes then- a busy town terminus, a small mpd, a bit of a run through open countryside and a neat relatively bucolic bit of industry.     

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