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FLA's 10 Wagon Consist 20 x 40' Hi Cube Boxes

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Following on from my previous messages, I am pleased to report we are now able to run 20 x Real Track FLA Wagons consisting of 20 x 40' Hi Cube Boxes on my layout.


Having done the engineering calcs given the size of the wheels proved that the consist would either de-rail on curves or would struggle to move at greater than 6 wagons. By oling the axles (not the wheels) the longer consist of 20 FLA wagons now moves without stalling or de-railing. Current motive power is either a DRS Class 68 or 2 x DRS Class 37/4's.


Also ref the boxes coming off the FLA's, the best results appear to be achieved when gently gluing the 4 x pivot points on the boxes to the FLA. This gives the FLA the rigidity it needs to remain stable. Adding weights only causes the FLA's to derail on tight corners, so not to be advised.


Many thanks to Martin for resolving this problem.



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