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Has anyone built the D&S Wisbech and Upwell Tram coaches


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I have another question for this page, so the kit comes with etched vents which go above the windows, looking at plenty of images, this has given me a few more questions. Is it worth using the etches, or should I pursue white metal or 3D printed equivalents?  


I have checked Shapeways, and sadly the only 3D printed versions have been in 4mm. 


If so, could anyone help me with that?

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On 04/03/2021 at 11:24, MarcD said:

I managed to bag another set of etches last week to as to the pile.



You know it's funny I was in my local model shop and I 'picked up a D&S kit complete and 'paid £15 for it, I will update how I'm getting on with the tramway car's soon. 

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Evening everyone,


Been a long time since I've updated you all on the project for these W&U tramway cars, so in the end I have painted them, fitted the couplings and I have got safety chains lined up for them both. I have chosen GE No.3, LNER No.60465 (4 wheeler) & GE No.8, LNER No.60461 ( 8 wheeler, seen in the Titfield Thunderbolt). The next major parts to fit onto the model is the seats, roof & Vents.


I am looking into fitting figures into the coaches to bring them to life, I would like some more information however, I'd like some Air pipe work and some information if anyone else has the 7mm kit with the large AIR reservoir please let me know.







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