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Little Muddle


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1 hour ago, KNP said:

Whilst standing on the occupation bridge with Tommy and Tony we spied the Dukedog heading our way




Please note the very difficultly modelled cobweb in the trees!

Cobweb? I thought it was string from a Kite.:D

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1 hour ago, KNP said:

Grandson Time.

Bradley has been here today and has done some more pictures just for you.

We have come up with an idea and from here on in there will be a small figure in the bottom rh corner as his trade mark
















He’s here all day tomorrow as it’s an inset day so I expect some more pictures…..

Love that idea to mark his excellent Photos, he is really good.:good:

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14 hours ago, Worsdell forever said:

So he's tried tipping the crate off...


Nice try Bradley :good:

But Bradley’s picture exposes the fact that those lazy oicks haven’t even undone the knots on the securing ropes.


Incredible detail Kevin



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17 minutes ago, KNP said:

It appears there are army manoeuvres happening on LM.

I heard all this noise and commotion coming from the railway room.

You know who is up there!!!!!












I have been assured all has finished and sanity has been restored to LM…..!

More standard pictures have been promised for this afternoon..

Anybody else suffer with an army training ground on their layout????



Any closer and that thing might have knocked the shed door(s) off

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Great pictures from new viewpoints. I always find myself looking at the harbour master's office. I like the modern functional alterations, such as the tin roof and concrete porch. It's so typical of such buildings in small harbours all over the country. 

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