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Going to York

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We are going to York soon to meet up with some rellies. Son's new car is too small for 3 of us and nobody trusts me to drive, so son's gf's Seat Ibiza is the weapon of choice. She said "the train only takes 2 hours".

Some do, but most go to Leeds and a change is required, meaning the journey time is 2 1/2 hours. Add a good half hour each end to get to/from where we are/want to be (me with stick and all) and making sure we actually catch the train and we are over 3 hours. We can drive door to door in less than 3 hours.


Cost? According to the VTEC site it's about £94 each. The car will use a lot less than 10 gallons, say £50 max for all of us. Guess how we are going.



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Where are you travelling from as there are generally options for travelling to York!


From London there is Grand Central and Edinburgh, Cross Country and Newcastle add in Transpennine!


Rule of thumb go for the company which is the greatest part of the journey!


Book early and get best prices!

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You imply that you have to change at Leeds, you don't. The service is effectively hourly with every other one requiring a 10min cross platform connection at Newark with journey time of  about 2 hours either option.  quick check for prices a couple weeks in advance give a total cost of £100.


For a clean run you may just get 40 mpg but have you tried the A1 or M1 recently? A quick calculation for a 3 hour joureny time give an average speed of 65mph. This is not possible given the streatches of 50 mph speed limit - a check of the daytime average speeds gives a joureny time of 4 hours (48mph average) and a fuel economy of 30-35 mpg.

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Stevenage to York - hmmm.


Definitely do not need to go via Leeds.


Any number of services will do the job, change at Peterborough or at Newark if at all.


07:28 from Stevenage is direct as are the 09:29, 11:29, 13:29, 15:29 etc. I guess the problem might be the time at which one wishes to arrive. By car my journey to York, just over an hour by train, is nearer 2:30 by car so I'd expect the estimate of 4 hours to be pretty close.


Booking for travel tomorrow gives me a cost of £43 return each. Booking a month in advance brings that down to £26.20 each. Both of these are for the cheapest journey of course.


EDIT - As Mike points out - 'must read the question properly'.

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