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Australian Journal of Railway Modelling

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I have recently tried to contact the AJRM but have received no reply. The latest posting on their website appears to be 2012. Is the magazine still a going concern?


Are there any other clubs or communities for fine-scale modelling of Australian prototypes?

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Dear AdrianK,


the magazine is no longer produced and the website is closed. The founding editor works for the CSIRO and presumably the demands of the job have prevented him from continuing.


Additionally the other main contributors are the current editorial team for AMRM , so same job, different magazine.


I think Casula Hobbies still have copies of all the back issues , of which there were 6. This is an excellent magazine, right up there with MRJ , and Iain Rice was quite a fan of it.


Suggest you try ( www.aus7.org ) , who are finescale O gauge , both American 1/48th O and British 7mm /Scale7 O ( G-O-G )  standards, most Australian prototype O Gauge modellers utilize American O standards.


I also understand that there is a small group in Victoria who models VR HO to 18.3mm( scale 5'3'' ) track gauge, and there are some UK based modellers who do VR and NSWGR HO to 18.2 ( EM ) and 16.5mm gauges respectively .


Hope this is of assistance,


Regards, Platypus

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I have just made a visit to their web site and found the following message, it is not made very clear if this is currant info or left over from the tail end of yesterday but it is showing a 2019 copy right note!!! I will leave the reader to make their own mind up but this is the case it is indeed good news for us down under modellers. I very much enjoyed the back copies I ordered late last year---

The Australian Journal of Railway Modelling is back in publication after a seven year hibernation. The journal seeks to showcase practical and informative articles about modelling Australian prototype railways; be they State or private systems. It is hoped to produce a new issue every 6-12 months or so.

This website is intended to provide on-line access to information about things relating to the Journal; from what is in each issue to how to buy copies. Through forums this website also includes the opportunity for readers to comment on or contribute additional information about articles that have appeared in the magazine.


Copyright © 2019 Australian Journal of Railway Modelling


Web site --  http://ajrm.com.au/





Bristol, UK.


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