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New brand, new model - Rails Limited - LNER Dynamometer car

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Rails of Sheffield launches Rails Limited product range with OO gauge model of the iconic LNER Dynamometer Car.


Dcar mockups final 2a.jpg


Rails of Sheffield is delighted to reveal that it is working with Rapido Trains Inc. to produce an outstandingly detailed OO gauge model of the LNER’s record-breaking dynamometer car No. 23591. Best known as the vehicle that recorded the 126mph run of LNER ‘A4’ No. 4468 Mallard on July 3rd 1938, the iconic 1906-built North Eastern Railway test car is now part of the National Collection, reunited with Mallard at the National Railway Museum in York. See the attached information sheet for a comprehensive history of the prototype vehicle.


Unveiled today, the all-new OO gauge model of No. 23591 will be the first of a series of products released under the ‘Rails Limited’ brand of high-quality, collectable ready-to-run models, produced exclusively for

one of the UK’s largest model railway retailers, Rails of Sheffield. Two versions will be offered initially, depicting No. 23591 in July 1938 LNER teak condition, as it was during Mallard’s world speed record run; and

post-1946 LNER teak with its later number - No. 905202 - as seen during the famous 1948 Locomotive Interchange trials.


Rapido Trains is famous for producing models that capture famous or unusual vehicles right down to the tiniest detail, and the LNER dynamometer car will be no exception. Based on detailed research of the prototype, archive photographs and official drawings, the ‘Rails Limited’ model will feature exceptional interior and underframe detail, including depictions of the recording equipment and the additional speed recording wheel between the bogies


A 3-D resin print of the bodyshell is already complete and will be on display at the York Model Railway Show on April 15-17. A decorated sample should be ready in time for the Warley NEC show in November, with the first production models expected to start shipping in late-2017/early-2018.


These very special models will retail at £125.00 each and, as demand for such an iconic vehicle is expected to be high, customers can secure theirs now with a £50.00 deposit when the order is placed. For further

information and advance orders go to https://www.railsofsheffield.com/exclusive


Dcar mockups final 1a.jpg


A programme of further ‘Rails Limited’ releases, encompassing both new tooling and re-liveries of existing ready-to-run products, is also being developed and further details will be announced as they move

closer to production.


However, three Bachmann limited edition OO gauge models announced recently, and due for release later this year, will also now form part of the ‘Rails Limited’ range.

These are:

Bachmann 32-979W GB Railfreight ‘Maritime’ blue Class 66 No. 66727 Maritime One. Price £169.95


Bachmann 32-726X Freightliner green/yellow Class 66 No. 66614 Poppy. Price £169.95


Bachmann 32-384Y Railfreight Construction sector grey Class 37/4 No. 37425 Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob. Price £149.95


Advance orders are being taken now. 

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  • RMweb Gold

If someone made an etched kit of this vehicle, and I commissioned a competent person to build and paint it to the sort of standard coming from China these days, I would not expect change from £300. £125 is a bargain!

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I have built the 4mm D&S version on commission and it wasn't a easy build (polite description). It was so poor/hassle to build  , I then sold my kit on, once was more than enough for me. Not cheap but hopefully a beauty on arrival !!.


I have ordered mine thanks to Rails/Rapido !!

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  • RMweb Gold

Hello everyone


Congratulations to Rails and Rapido on what looks to be a lovely model.


It has been High Polling in The Wishlist Poll since 2014 and was within the Top 100 in 2016.


Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)

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Great to see another retailer entering the custom commission market, even if this particular release is not for me.  a GWR dyno car on the other hand would be much welcomed...


The price sounds exactly what I would expect for a limited production, in full teak livery.  Hopefully it will be a big success and Rails will follow with more new toolings.

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The 3D Resin printed model will be in display over the easter weekend at the York Show.


The model and full details will be on the Rapido Trains Inc. stand with myself and Adam from Rails both been present.


We look forward to seeing you there.



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  • RMweb Gold

Certainly an interesting model with appeal to A4 collectors - but £125!!!

With universal appeal to all four regions of the fledgling BR.and not merely to "collectors" of A4's. This unit was an integral and essential part of the 1948 Locomotive Exchanges.


This has been posted recently on the forum but I will add my approval and opinion that you are getting exceptional value for your £125.

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This should be interesting. Lots of things to potentially trip them up if taking the preserved vehicle as gospel, especially regarding the lettering. Reported in detail on this here and subsequent posts: https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9331&p=93383#p93383

It somewhat bemuses me that there is an interest.....already.......in potential errors.I wonder why this relish for denigration rather than celebration....? The way of our world,I suppose......

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