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Covered hoppers, lets see what you have.

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I'll get things going with a few smaller cars,all done in the last few weeks and for me a change of emphasis. I've dozens of cars for grain service ,based mostly on Accurail kits. So this was a bit of a change all but one based on real Conrail and CSX cars, 3 Athearn and a pair of real nice Kadee early PS2 70ton hoppers. Athearn ACF 2bay straight from the box but weathered per the prototype(well this side is)


Another Athearn again based on a real car, a lot of lettering removed with Microsol(real easy on this one) leaving just the data. CR decals from Highball.



This is one of the 2 Kadee cars, cheap off Ebay, All Rio Grande lettering removed leaving nothing but plain gray plastic for the decals from Highball.


This other Kadee car an NP patchout for the R&W, my own shortline.



Finally an Athearn 2bay CSX patchout, straigh from the box just weathered.


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An ex PRR H30, built about 7 years ago from the Rail Shops kit.  And with the appearance of the excellent Bowser models, there's now no reason to build the Rail Shops (or Funaro & Camerlengo) kits of the X30.  Life's too short...



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0-scale from 25 years ago. 





This is a coal hopper with a roof added. The Reading later build these from new





Another coal hopper with roof.




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Covered Hoppers are my favourite type of US freight car and I have far too many than I need for a small switching layout.


I'm particularly fond of the rib sided variety, both tall and high sided. These 4 cars are currently in service on The Marlborough Branch.





Walthers Evans 4780 





MDC Roundhouse FMC 4700





Lifelike Proto 2000  Pullman Standard 4427 





Athearn Pullman Standard 4740













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I'll have to take a pic or 2 later for this, they are still "fresh out of the box" at the moment, but I'd welcome ideas for improving them. One thing i will be doing is going for manual "hand of god" uncoupling, so the tails of the knuckle couplings will be removed in due course. Thinking of trying acrylics for weathering.


Actually, you can just about see them in the following pics





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Here's the only photo I can find of a couple of my HO scale ones. I think I actually have enough to fill the entire yard on my layout now. :D




I also have three PS2 hoppers in O scale.


Oh, and don't get me started on N scale! :D

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Here they are


I'm yet to massacre them with weathering powder. Might try changing the decals on the PWV one too, but I also foresee myself chickening out of that.

The one in the middle is a Bowser something-or-other, the outer two are Atlas Trainman PS-2s, which have annoying magnetic axles. And the trucks that come with them aren't compatible with kadee wheelsets. So 4x new trucks coming my way sooner or later.

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