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NWSL Regear Kits for the Bachmann 0n30 Railbus & Railtruck

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EDM Models now has the NWSL regear kits in stock for the Bachmann 0n30 Railbus and Railtruck.


The kit for the Rail Truck is £21 and the one for the Railbus is £32 and they can be ordered here http://www.ngtrains....ears/Gears.html


18813164_1231365636962681_79470810534828    18767736_1231365643629347_42456730912835


2805-6%20On30%20Rail%20Truck_small.jpg    2804-6%20On30%20Rail%20Bus_small.jpg


The bumph on the packaging says they're an advanced level kit and that if you are unsure of doing it you should get professional help to do it. I haven't done either yet (but have some to do) but looking at the instructions I think that if you have done the Shay then these kits are well within your ability. 


The Shay gears are a press fit on to the shafts and a source of failure is that the force needed it quite high and bordering on that needed to bend the shafts (don't ask me how I know). For some time now when doing shays I have reamed the gears to make them a looser fit and then secured them with a loctite bearing fit. These kits have adopted that methodology and come with a small tube of Loctite 620.


If anyone is coming to the Gauge 0 Guild summer show at the Doncaster Dome this Saturday or the 7mm NGA Convention on the 10th I will have them on the EDM Models stand

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