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(No name yet!) Indoor Live Steam BLT in a limited space......

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Completed the infill of the yard areas, texturing, puddles etc. next. 


Fiddle yard up and running, a substantial affair running on hefty section aluminium angle to carry the weight of the models. The hidden siding under the rock face is there to accept the train you have just come off the layout with, then draw forward on to another road of the traverser to take the next train on to the layout, works quite well and takes less time than you would think. 


Need to start putting some thought in to the hopefully working stone loader which is to be in the small yard at the traverser end. 


All progress, just not earth shattering progress....! 








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Hi Mike

Pleased to see you doing more work on this, it looks very good and hope to see it in the flesh sometime.

My new exhibition layout to replace Hambleden Valley has fared well over this wet winter and I hope to have it finished for later this year if and when exhibitions ever return.

Have attached a couple of pictures taken in the summer









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Hi Steve, good to hear from you again, that is looking fantastic, another revolutionary idea by yourself, can't think of anything at an exhibition like that before! You need to put a layout build thread on here! Did you put any further thought in to a smaller layout to use indoors at home? Not sure if shall make it on to exhibition circuit, shall see, kind of snookered myself a bit with ground frame at the front of the layout so operators would be in the way... As you have found also need a sizeable fleet of engines too which isn't just time and effort but also probably £6k or so of expenditure but we shall see. You know you would always be welcome to visit if the layout doesn't go visiting! 


Another bit of video, need to try and stop the engine 'gargling', cylinders are not staying hot enough, thinking of potentially adding more superheat, we shall see....! 



Sorry, had to re post and re upload video due to error with original vid pausing half way through. 

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As I have gone 32mm now, I am converting all my locos from 45mm to 32mm with non-insulated wheels to allow for the slomo so I can now run my locos on your layout.  I am writing an article on the new layout but not sure whether to post articles here or send to a magazine, - maybe a cut down version for here, but I still need to finish the layout. I could post some more photos.  I have been designing a new signalling control unit for Fawley so have been a bit sidetracked. I don't think I'll build another layout, I still have quite a lot of 32mm rolling stock to build for this one.  I have quite a few invitations to exhibitions for later this year, but I haven't decided to attend any yet.  Will just have to see how this year goes, I am getting my jab this week and Chris is in the next group so I remain optimistic.

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Great stuff 'ZigZag' Get a layout build thread going so we can follow the progress, I'm sure you can easily post more frequently than my snails pace!! The more of these sorts of indoor steam shunting layouts that get built and noticed the better, may convince some to do something different to thrashing around a loop non stop until the gas runs out at a speed a HST would struggle to match..... Each to their own of course but Zzzzz......!

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