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Live webcam at Grosmont, NYMR.

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About 8 p.m. tonight could be interesting, there is an arrival from Orton Mere via the ECML.

Hmm, I've noticed a few people on the platform waiting for something, but what?

View is a bit blurry due to rain on the camera.

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There is nothing on the mainline movements page going to Grosmont today. Seen the Deltic. Watched it loads last year. Now with sound, brilliant. Can we have one in the workshop NYMR? Would be great to watch restoration progress

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Deja vu - the cleaner is on the empty stock, watering the toilets and cleaning them, the B1 is on the last train - at least the rain has gone.


Loco change under way




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had a quick look this morning just in time to catch a quick visit by the class 26, also noticed that the observation car has been removed from the dining train.

Yup, its not out for a few days so its been dumped elsewhere.  We just need a recording of some Rmwebbers singing rude songs under the thing now

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just caught a train depart for Whitby with a steam loco top and tailing

Yup, we arsed the job up and had to do that in and out of Shitby to recover the time, if you'd logged in at half 10 you'd have seen a deltic and a 26 and std 4 getting very friendly on top of the pullman

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