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On 23/08/2017 at 21:10, mswjr said:

These are the only ones that i can find,infact i do not think that i took anymore as i was more interested in building and finishing it than recording it,I was also building a 5 inch gauge manor at the same time,

So how did no 12 come around,Well a friend of mine builds 7 1/4 gauge locos Graham white,and he likes the mswjr,about 30 odd years ago i was thinking of doing a 5 inch gauge metro,

I got the drawings but did not start it,I think i built an allchin traction engine instead,So i gave them to my friend Graham,He said he was going to build a mswjr 2-4-0 as it was the same wheel arrangement

and wheel base as the Metro,He cutout the frames from photos of the loco in the rebuilt gwr guise,and had the wheels cast,Then put it under the bench ,and went on the build two 7 1/4 inch standards 5s

 so 30 odd years later i was getting heavily into the mswjr as it was a local line to me,and my mate Graham said i have a part built chassis under my bench that is a mswjr engine and i bought it straight away,He also made some boiler formers,

 Well without thinking about it too much ,just knew i wanted an engine from this railway,I got the chassis running on air,all the running gear is metro,only the reversing lever is made different ,but that was made near the build end,as it is connected to the wheel splasher,Once i had it running on air,I contacted Mike Barnsley ,He has written books on the mswjr locos and wagons,He helped a great deal with photos and some info that he knew,But no drawings at that time,so i made things like the buffers to to known dimensions of other similar locos at the time,a lot of lswr locos had similar looking parts

like the chimney and dome,Plate work was quite easy mostly made of card first then made of brass,Think i have quite a bit in the scrap box thou,All cab work and splashers were made mostly fron loco

photos and by eye,my thinking was if it looks right then that will be good enough for me,The cab detail was made up by copying other period locos,The only thing i knew for sure was that this loco

 no 12, 11 and 10 had two water gauges .

As for the boiler ,Well i decided not to make it my self as i thought i may have trouble with building a non published design ,so i went to Southern boilers,Gave him all the info that i had,ie,boiler diameter 

and water gauge position ,dome and safety valve position etc,and two years later i had a boiler,and it fitted the frames,Yes i would change a few things on it like the cladding being skimpy in places

and the reversing lever being very close,but all in all very happy with it,But worried that it would not steam good as im making the ashpan and great up as i go along,all to look like the full size loco

in the photos,

Getting thing to fit in the smokebox was lets say ,im not doing that again,and not looking forward to its removal if it has to have one,

The tender was built by again just looking at photos of the loco,frames were sized just by eye,(and the buffer height come out the same as the loco),The tender top looked to me like the Glen tender,

 so i had Model engineers laser cut  out the glen tender without the taps and slots and with some work it looks the part,shortly after i finished the tender i managed to get hold of a tender drawing

 as these tenders were used on other scottish region locos,My tender was pretty close to this but i had the coal plate angles wrong,But all looks well when it is full of coal.

All the painting and lining were done by myself ,looks better in the pictures than it is,I found the lining very hard to do,but i want to play with it and not show case it so im quite happy ,

Then it came to its first steam up,,On the garden table,myself and my friend Graham,Engine jacked up on wood,she steamed great first time,just some small issues like the lubricator to be adjusted,

oh and commercial injectors,These were not good,but all sorted now,passed steam test first time,and she runs great,Very happy,big smile everytime i steam her,My plan is to steam her on every track

from cheltenham to southampton as did the full size loco,hope this info is interesting for you all .  Garry


I have just seen this thread and can add a bit of information on the origin of the tender design.  It is in fact a copy of the standard Glasgow & South Westetn tender, originally designed by Hugh Smellie and perpetuated by James Manson.  Dubs built a number of locos for the G&SWR and either just copied the tender design although I suspect they would have come to some arrangement with the Sou'west.  There are some detail differences, axleboxes, springs and buffers being the major ones. The Sou'west drove on the tight so there would be no need to alter the position of the hand brake.

Lovely model.


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