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Bargain Hunters Mark 2

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Another Kernow one, the Hornby Ceneratry Sir Nigel Gresley Train set for £189.99




This as far as I am aware has a super detail version of the A4 in it, and 2 Gresley coaches (and the oval of track and controller) so I think it sounds good value. 


Rovex train set for the same price with "Princess Elizabeth" inside




Part of their "Exhibition Specials"



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Hattons have a single, sound-fitted, Bachmann Provinicial 150 (32-929SF) at £305.96, which appears to be a significant saving on RRP. 


They did have a non-sound one at £220ish.. but that's now in my trunk!

They have a few other Bachmann bits just arrived as well... presumably another resale from another retailer.

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Aldi in Carnforth had small cordless drills for sale today - I bought one a couple of years ago and it has been very useful.  Probably available at other Aldi stores too.

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On 26/07/2021 at 14:12, Willoughby Glen said:

Apologies if mentioned earlier but DCC Supplies has a 20% sale on Dapol O, OO and N gauge.  Examples:



Autocoach £136

Class 08 £153

MGR £37



Westerns £103

22s £101

68s £105

122 £98



Westerns £86

Hymeks £77






Be aware there may be stock listing issues due to staff off because of covid; I had one item refunded and for another they emailed me an option to substitute a weathered version - but with very friendly and helpful communication throughout, and it's a great deal overall.


It may be worth specifying up front alternatives if you want a low-stock item (e.g. you want a 5 plank PO mineral wagon but don't mind too much which one).



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I will accept any criticism that this isn't strictly modelling related, but some of you may be interested to know that the base game of Train Sim World 2 by Dovetail Games is free on the Epic Games Store this week. This includes the Bakerloo Line, an ICE line from Koln to Aachen, and Sand Patch Grade, a US freight route. Be aware that, outside of sales, you may not consider the add-ons to be bargains unless you are a fanatic.




Please also note that if you are at all familiar with the layout of stations on the Bakerloo Line, the way that they have been simplified will drive you crazy. I know from experience, and I only commuted on it for a week.

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11 hours ago, big jim said:

I can’t see that offer on the website at all? 

anyone got a link


Apologies, it wasn't actually supposed to go out until next week on a co-ordinated email/social media/shop campaign but the social media man over here (me...) scheduled the wrong date and only noticed it had gone early when the orders started flooding in... 


We'll get a better link up on the site this morning :D

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