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Ford Transit Van - Mk2 - OO Scale

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I recently saw a lovely Mk2 Ford Transit model in 1:24 scale by Italeri in a British Gas livery.


That made me think I'd like a nice Mk2 van (possibly white) for my OO layout.


I'm no expert in road vehicle modelling but I'm astonished to see nothing coming up on a google search of the usual sites.


No one seems to make them?? Am I missing something? Is there a rights problem?




[Edit to include scale]

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Presume you mean in 00/4mm?


Back in the early 1990s, the Model Bus Company made a modular kit that could be a normal van, semi high roof mid wheelbase and short wheelbase pickup. I have the latter two - this is the best pic I could find of the van. On a bridge of course.......








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Guest 40-something

Bachmann used to sell a conflat with a Mk2 SWB minibus on it, think it was by Wiking but to 3.5mm (HO) scale

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There was an article on mark 2 Ford transits in rail express a few years ago. Can't remember the issue number I'm afraid.

It was by Jim Smith-Wright as I recall, there is some info on his P4 new street website.

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