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Having been posting individual topics for different items of news and products I have decided on a change of tack to keep the page views up.


The problem is really one from the way people read RMWeb and most seem to use the "view new content" button and I include myself in this. What it means for product specific posts is that they tend to get viewed the once and then disappear into the depths only to be read if someone knows what they are looking for. My new hope is that by posting new items as a new entry in a single topic that one topic will keep coming round and may get viewed a bit more including the historic bits.


We shall see.

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First item in the new thread…

Having spent this morning counting newly delivered tiny bits into small plastic bags I am pleased to say our 7mm Scale Darjeeling B class loco kit is available again for immediate delivery.




Its £295 plus postage and includes all the bits you will need such as wheels gears and motor.

It can be built for either 16.5mm or 14mm gauge


Its available online here: -  Darjeeling B Class

[The paint work on this model is the superb work of Chris Clark]

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Well this item isn't really news but I'll dangle it here in case anyone is interested. 


I have for disposal this rare beast in brand new, unused and in the original box condition an OKI DP5000 printer.  

So what? I hear you say. This is the OKI branded version of the ALPS MD5000 printer, yes, the one that can print decals and print white.


OK so this is a stock image off the internet but as you'll see from the next photos I am reluctant to unwrap the packaging just to take a picture.


Now, legend (or the paperwork that was fastened to the box) tells me I have had this stashed away since 2002 waiting for the mythical "when I have a moment" to arrive. During that time I have ordered and used custom made transfers which suggests to me I am never going to get round to it. Now there is a cunning plan to actually build a layout the hiding place has been exposed and its been evicted.


As you can see it has all the original packaging, manuals, leads and so on. There are four black cartridges, and one each of Magenta, Cyan and Yellow in the tray. Additionally, I have the following that will be included in the box if it sells, 2 off white, 1 off VPhoto Primer, 1 off Finish II, another black and another set of CYM cartridges.


I am open to offers on this but given its age it has to be on the basis of sold as seen with no returns. I'll give it a few days on here then its going on EvilBay


There are some things you need to know in case you just fancy one of these but don't know anything about it.

The following is from, possibly poor, memory rather than experience

  • I dont think there are drivers for this in recent versions of Windows, you may need some ancient version
  • It connects to the PC with a serial interface none of this new fangles USB stuff. I don't know if it would work with a USB/Serial convertor
  • There are some comprehensive forums online that will tell you the rest of what you need or may want to know

post-2660-0-39720500-1503338268.jpg The same hidey hole had two of these in it which are heading for the bin unless anyone wants them for the cost of postage




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Busy getting stuff ready for Guildex but in the process have listed some extra items for sale as a bit of light relief at peering through magnifiers trying to complete some modles in time.


I have decided to part with the demo models I had for the Wuiske Queensland Rail 1550 & 2400 Class diesels

These are HO Scale and 12mm gauge. Both locos have DCC Sound installed with the prototype sounds and have been weathered by Clark Models


post-2660-0-79486700-1504098098.jpg post-2660-0-38234000-1504098113.jpg


Next there are five San Juan Car Co Gramps tank cars in 0n3/0n30. These come with 0n3 wheelsets installed but with replacement 0n30 ones included in the box




Finally, at the other end of the scale some of these H0f loco's turned up having been promised as "next month" since April.

At least when these show up the box doesnt block the front door!





Seems there is something of a Dullcote drought. Thinking I had better stock up for Guildex I discover there is none available and that the next delivery is still in the USA with some sort of labelling issue.


There is also a bit of a shortage for Sountraxx Tsunami decoders. I have a load on back order for both retail and use in installations. When I asked I was told production was held up awaiting some parts. Now I imagined this would be some exotic electronic component but they've run out of flexible wire and are having a job sourcing more.



We're on stand 75 at Guildex. Do come along and say hello or, better still, buy something.

Immediately after Guildex we'll be closed for a few days for a sanity restoring few days driving on the FR [currently down to be a day on Lyd and two days of DLG]

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