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Project Builds, Detailing, Painting, Weathering

Craig Watson

VIA Rail Canada 150 P42

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I managed to pick up a Kato Amtrak P42 a few weeks ago with a faulty sound decoder, I had been on the lookout for one for a while.


The plan was to create one of the VIA Rail vinyl wrap P42's that have been liveried for the Canada 150 celebrations, I ordered decals for it a while ago when ordering a batch of other decals from Highball Graphics.


Unfortunately on checking the decals today I noticed that I'd ordered N gauge ones in error so an order has been placed today for the proper HO ones!!


Anyway, I stripped the loco down and made a start, the roof colour isn't correct but it'll be weathered down anyway, the vinyl wraps on the real things don't cover the roofs!


The loco also has a new sound decoder on order, my hope is that it'll be fully finished for West Pickering's appearance at the Ayr exhibition in a few weeks time.


The loco being stripped down, the kato models come apart really easily.



The stripped bodyshell in primer.



Masking the VIA logo, the blue roof had already been done and masked off before the silver was done.



Some progress pics.







Varnished and windows refitted temporarily while waiting on the decals and sound decoder.



I'll post more when the decals are on!







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Decals arrived today, replacement loksound select fitted too.







It now has a coat of varnish too, another coat tomorrow then reassemble before Ayr exhibition at the weekend?

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That looks really good! Can't say I liked the Canada 150 colour scheme but that's certainly a good model of it. (CJL)

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