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IRM Cement Bubbles latest news


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In anticipation of running IRM Cement Bubble wagons on the layout next month, here is a shortened video clip of 20 Ballast wagons running on Kingsbridge in the CIE era.  Apologies no ploughs - I don't do yellow in the B&T era! :) But in time I will fabricate two older era brown ex-GSWR plough wagons.


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Nice video Noel, but am really feeling sorry for the driver of the 121, must be very drafty in that Cab.



Cheers Kieran, he's not actually in the cab himself yet, but it has since been glazed and an actual driver has been rostered for B121 duty. :)  Will post up some pics soon.  Still finishing summer activity on the water, so model choo-choo's haven't got much attention.

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Thanks for the kind words Noel, pity my original pictures were anything but stunning! Still working on those skills in that particular area of photography.


I did manage a very slightly better portrait since, mind you. 




These are nearing the end of manufacture in China and will be flown in to make the three day Dublin show at the end of October. You can still order them on our website. :)

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