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Real Track Container Train long consist

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For those of you who are interested in running long container trains, I have just uploaded this video of 10 x FLA Real Track wagons containing 20 x 40' High Cube containers.





The key to this is to use a dab of glue to the container fixing points and glue the container to the FLA (This helps with stability)


Lubricate the axles (not the wheels)


Given the small diameter of the wheels on large radius flexi track it is possible to run these trains up to 12 x FLA's in length. Any more the consist seems to pull itself off the curves, due to the physics involved given the small diameter of the wheels.


There is no need to add any additional weight to the container.


I hope this helps.


Best Wishes,


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Surely that’ll depend on the radius of the curves? Do you mean 12 pairs is the maximum or 12 wagons?


I agree that is will depend on the radius of the curves.  However, the OP means 12 pairs (ie 24 wagons).  The Youtube video showed ten pairs with 20 containers running around a circuit reasonably smoothly, although I noted a bit of wobble in a Mearsk container near the end of the train.

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Yep, watched that, but if 12 is the limit I was presuming that must mean the OP has 12 pairs, so why not run 11, or 12 pairs? I wondered if the video was an example, but that on tighter curves 6 pairs was the limit, hence seeking clarity.


Still a decent length train, particularly if combined with some other container flats though, and the OP's train looks great!

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Many thanks Gents, the train length is 10 x FLA's with 20 x 40' Hi Cube containers.


I have run the consist with an additional 2 x  FLA 's (4 x  40' Hi Cube containers), but the locos seem to struggle mainly due to the incline up the viaduct. We tried 13 x FLA's i.e. 26 x 40' Hi Cube containers but the consist pulled itself off the curves, due to the physics involved given the small diameter of the wheels.


The video was an example, prior to dabbing the glue onto the container and Lubricating the axles, it was impossible to get more than 8 x FLA's (16 x 40' Hi Cube  containers) to run without de-railing or the containers falling off.


The Maersk wagon is hobbling probably because of my poor adhesive skills!


Great wagons though Arran!


Apologies for any confusion.



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