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CIE Sundries Container on a 20ft flat


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We have again made use of our model of the double beet wagon to produce another kit. Remember that the beet was built by placing two corrugated wagon bodies onto a 26xxx series container flat. The 1970s built 27xxx series was similar, except that it had no floor, but instead the skeleton underframe was visible. This has been the subject of an earlier kit.

Our new kit uses that same chassis, but WITHOUT the skeleton  - you won't be able to see it anyway, UNDER A CONTAINER!

So, we have modelled a 1970 period Sundries Container, of which 200 were built in an endeavour to boost freight traffic. My researches suggest that the containers were built by McArdles of Dundalk around 1970. This company built several hundred containers for CIE around this period.  This container had both side double doors and end doors, as can be seen above.

The colour of these containers is not easy to replicate, so the builder can have some fun. I have tried both Precision Paints "CIE Brown" and a Humbrol "orange/brown" both of which give a reasonable result - probably a bit bright. There are few enough photos of the containers and, of course film colour can be deceptive; then of course, there is what we older types actually remember of the real thing!

The kit will come with transfers for the flat and the container. In my illustration, I have just added the usual CIE "Broken Wheel", but the final kit will include transfers (in white) of the container number and tare details; plus a "TIR" square for the end door.

Price                 £31       or       €36.50  post paid

The Euroland price is rather high due to the Royal Mail’s high charges for a “Small Parcel” to Europe; however, remember that I can post two or even threee wagons for the same cost and I will reduce the price of multiple orders accordingly.

Better still, buy the kit at Blackrock in October for €35.


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Just to say that I have a reasonable stock of this kit available for Blackrock, but to be sure of getting yours, or indeed any of my kits, just send an e-mail to the address on my website - 




As I haven't been able to source the transfers which I require for the container (no problem with the flat), the kit price will be €34 at the exhibition. You will still get a quartet of "broken wheels" for the container, which may be quite enough for some of you?


When the full set of transfers is ready, you can get them from me by post, at cost (a Euro plus postage should cover it), or over the counter at Bangor (the next time i'll be in ireland).


I look forward to seeing some of you there.




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Steve at Railtec has been burning the midnight oil to create the transfer set for this wagon.


The kit will include spare transfer of each piece of lettering.


Sorry about my very rusty painting and transferring skills - not practised since the 1970s!


Good supplies available for the Blackrock exhibition this weekend.


I hope to see some of you there.




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