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Scotland 1980s/90s Terminus + Depot

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Evening All,


Long time lurker, thought i’d take the plunge and share the beginnings of what I hope becomes a reality.


I’m modelling in OO Gauge, and growing up in the 80s spent many a weekend all over the country chasing locos with my Dad, with the North of the Border being a particular favourite and inspiration for my first serious attempt at modelling.


I have already amassed a number of running stock and my youngest is keen too so it was time to put my track down. I’m hoping to attach some photos of the initial work as soon as I work out how to upload pictures (particularly as I have some questions for those more skilled and knowledgeable than I).


My time is always extreme in terms of commitment to modelling, and then not, so I will likely have days / weeks / months of posting diarrhoea, followed by equal amounts of time with no progress at all.


Please be kind and constructive.



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So this is board one of three, the terminus station. I am tempted to add a hidden storage sidings to the top part of the board running parallel with the station.


This will join board two which (if it appears in landscape) will join at the bottom left hand corner.


Apologies, photo quality is poor due to present storage situation.


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Thanks Robert.


I’m desperate to run some trains but going DCC for the first time and want to get it right which means I’m literally making no progress as don’t know where to start!


I think I might dress the boards with some locos to see if that inspires me!

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Forgive me father, for I have sinned, it’s been three years since my last confession. 

As anticipated the thought of going down the DCC route was too intimidating and I walked away. My confidence in taking on the project waned and was then simply forgotten. 

However I have continued to visit here and little by little my optimism returned and I’ve made “some” progress, even running trains 



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